Bulgarian American Business Center

Business Development Services

The BABC provides a wide range of services, including information and assistance on:

  1. Key contacts in Bulgaria and Central and Eastern Europe
  2. Review of specific investment opportunities and other potential business in the United States and Central and Eastern Europe
  3. Industrial projects in Central and Eastern Europe, which may require foreign assistance and use of technology, financing, managerial and marketing expertise
  4. Industrial development plans, feasibility studies, and assistance with investment laws and incentives in Central and Eastern Europe
  5. Forms of industrial cooperation including joint ventures, leasing, sub-contracting, licensing, and limited partnerships
  6. Data regarding the credibility, reputation, key statistics and position of the companies of potential business interest
  7. Participation in conferences, exhibitions, seminars, etc. organized by the BABC and similar organizations
  8. Public and private sources of project financing and assistance with securing loans and credit
  9. Business luncheons, lectures, social events and local newsletters arranged by the business communities in both countries
  10. Information regarding the privatization process
  11. Information on all existing projects funded by international and American organizations
  12. Expertise in private and commercial real estate, financing and refinancing of properties

Today, more than a decade after formation, we are proud to announce that the BABC has proven to be a very successful and integral part of the international business spectrum!

As the BABC continues to prove its value to its members, their number and contribution to the center is certain to increase. With continuous innovation, we believe that the BABC is positioned for continued success. We hope you will join us as we forge ahead with successful cooperation between Bulgaria and the United States.