Bulgarian American Business Center

Membership Privileges

Matchmaking Business Referrals
The BABC enhances member business opportunities through referring inquiries for products, technological developments and investments.
Business Services
BABC members can access a variety of clerical services at reduced rates and may utilize temporary offices and mail forwarding/phone answering services at the Bulgarian office of the Center.
Accounting/legal services are also available at special member rates at well-established Bulgarian firms.
BABC members can use executive and professional placement services at our Bulgarian office, along with assistance with representation in Bulgaria, such as determining the appropriate company/individual for an agent or distributor.
Informational Services
The BABC provides trade and market research services as well as information on trade and investment opportunities both in government and private businesses in Bulgaria, government regulations, tariffs and other business topics.
Educational Services
The BABC can provide information and contacts regarding student and management educational programs and enrollment into targeted training and language courses in various institutions throughout the United States.
Translation and Interpretation Services
Translation and bilingual support services for your meetings, correspondence and reports are available at reduced rates for members.
Travel Assistance Services
The BABC provides members with discounted rates to many of the best hotels in Bulgaria with preferential rates for car rental with or without a driver in Bulgaria and other countries in Europe.