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  • Joint Venture Partner of the Bulgarian American Business Center and Esplanade Venture LLC, USA

    The Joint Venture Partner of the Bulgarian American Business Center and Esplanade Venture LLC, USA is presenting his local service partners In Bulgarian Market: the Legal Partners Ltd., Legal Advisory firm and the Property Developer Victorian ... more

  • BABC meets Bulgarian Minister of State Administration

    Members of the Bulgarian American Business Center met in Washington, DC with a delegation from the Bulgarian government, led by Minister of State Administration and Administrative Reform Nikolay Vassilev, CFA, in June 2006 at the Bulgarian Embassy. ... more

  • IEF Recognition

    In June 2006, International Eye Foundation (IEF) Board President Susan Fritschler (second from left) recognized Bulgarian American Business Center President Vladimir Ossenov (far right) for his distinguished service to the IEF after serving two ... more

  • A "Legend" is Coming to America  

    BABC is helping the producers of the fantastic "Legend" dance and musical spectacle make its first tour of the US March to November 2006. A benefit performance was organized in Sofia to help launch the Legend tour and BABC was a proud co-sponsor of ... more

  • Ambassador Beyerle Welcomes BABC

    The new US Ambassador to Bulgaria, veteran diplomat John Beyerle, welcomed Mr. Ossenov and former US Ambassador Michael Ussery to the embassy where they discussed a full agenda of topics and Mr. Ossenov updated Ambassador Beyerle on BABC activities. ... more

  • BABC and BAFTA

    BABC is lending its voice and strategic advice in an effort to see the US Congress and Administration move toward a free trade agreement with the Balkans, a recognition that would strengthen US - Balkan relations and act as a boost to the regional ... more

  • Strategic Military Modernization Conference

    The NATO Defense College Association of Bulgaria and BABC are working together with major US sponsors to prepare a fresh look at strategic military modernization - a much discussed topic that has moved slowly since Bulgaria joined NATO in 2004. ... more

  • Health Care: A New World Is Emerging

    While serious issues confront the health system of Bulgaria - and the new government has pledged to privatize hospitals - many foreign companies see great opportunities and are paving the way to help improve the system or provide viable private ... more

  • Washington Times Plans Edition for Bulgaria

    The Washington Times newspaper, a powerful publication in Amercia and one of the top media companies, has worked since 2001 with BABC. Now The Washington Times is seeking a local Bulgarian newspaper as a partner for the second weekly edition (in ... more