Bulgarian American Business Center

Board of directors

Vladimir A. Ossenov

3754 Center Way, Fairfax, VA 22033–2601
Home tel: 703/385–9889
Home fax: 703/385–9839
Work tel: 202/333–8190
Work fax: 202/337–3809
Mobile: 703/475–3821
E-mail: VOssenov@gmail.com


Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, USA
Postgraduate Course for Foreign Governmental Officials 1987
International Academy, Salzburg, Austria
Postgraduate Course for Diplomats: International Law and International Relations and Politics: 1986
Academy for Foreign Trade, Moscow, USSR
Master of Science in Economics and Foreign Trade 1985
Technical University of Brno, Brno, Czechoslovakia
Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering 1977
English Language Gymnasium, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1970

Skills and expertise

Business Entrepreneur, Investor, Trader, Business Leader and Manager
Establishing contacts; initializing and realizing a variety of projects; investment contracts; international trade; finance; privatization issues; strategic planning; sales and marketing; negotiation; real estate development; project management; conflict management; and strategic planning
Multilateral and bilateral; political and security issues; international organizations; regional cooperation; government and philanthropic development
Areas of expertise
Eastern and Central Europe (Bulgaria, Russia, Romania, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Serbia), Baltic countries (Latvia), Middle East (Afghanistan, Iraq), Central Asia (Turkmenistan, Tajikistan), North and South America

Professional experience

  • Medica BG 2005-present

          Co–founder and Partner

  • InfoMed Bulgaria Ltd. 2004–present

          Co–founder and Member of the Board

  • Netcare Bulgaria 2003–present

    Co–founder and Member of the Board

    Expansion of Netcare, a global, integrated healthcare organization

  • General Dynamics 2001–present

    Southeast Europe Representative and Sales Agent

  • Washington Times 2000–present

    Regional Producer and Marketing Representative

  • International Eye Foundation 2000–present

    Member of the Board

    Non–profit organization dedicated to global eye care

  • AIV Corporation 1998–present


    Consulting and international trade activities

  • Ultimate Extreeme Sports, Inc. 1998–present

    Founder, Chairman of the Board

    Exclusive distributor of O’Neill, Inc. for Bulgaria

  • Aspolly Carrass International, Inc. 1998–present

    Chairman of the Board

    Expert assistance and professional consulting services to the public sector and business and strategic development in the private sector

    Trade operations and construction activities

  • Velgraf USA, Inc. 1996–present

    Founder, President and Member of the Board

    Consortium of 26 engineering and construction companies

  • Bulgarian American Business Center 1992–present

    Founder, President and Member of the Board

    Independent, non–profit organization offering comprehensive international services to the United States, Bulgaria, and other nations

  • Worldwide Foods, Inc. 1998–2003

    Vice–President and Member of the Board

  • Trans Medical Corporation 1996–2002

    President and Member of the Board

  • US Meds — Bulgaria 1992–2000

    Member of the Board

  • Frontier Agricultural & Environmental Resources, Inc. 1994–1997

    Member of the Board

  • Embassy of Bulgaria, Washington, D.C., USA 1989–1992

    First Secretary for Science and Technology

  • Ministry of Economics and Planning 1988–1989

    International Department, Sofia, Bulgaria

    Head of the Section for Bilateral and Multilateral International Cooperation

  • State Commission for Research and Technology 1986–1988

    International Department, Sofia Bulgaria

    Senior Program Manager

  • State Commission for Technological Progress 1985–1986

    International Department, Sofia Bulgaria

    Program Manager

  • Center for Scientific and Technical Creativity 1979–1982

    Sofia, Bulgaria


  • Bulgarian Academy of Science, Sofia, Bulgaria 1977–1979

    Research Fellow


Native speaker in Bulgarian, fluent in English, Spanish, Russian, Czech and Slovak, working knowledge of Polish and Serbo–Croatian


With D. Doikov, International Cooperation and the Developed Countries. Sofia, Bulgaria: Science and Technology Publishing, 1990
International Scientific and Technological Cooperation. Sofia Bulgaria: HIME Publishing, 1989
With K. Todorov, Technological Development of the Developed Countries. Sofia, Bulgaria: Informa Publishing, 1988
Numerous articles for Bulgarian and Russian newspapers and magazines on economic and technological cooperation and development


Married with two children