Bulgarian American Business Center

Board of directors

Ambassador M. Michael Einik

A unique profile of success in both the private and public sectors,  with over 30 years in  government as a senior manager  with particular experience in the former Soviet Union, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, and Macedonia. Recent activities in the same region as a private businessman include the successful development, implementation, operation, and exit from one of the few Private-Public Partnerships to be concluded in Romania.   Strengths include general management, crisis management, strategic planning, project development, and budget management.

Portfolio Overview:

• Twenty five years experience in Central Europe and the former USSR
• In-depth understanding of on-the-ground realities.
• Extensive experience in evaluating market potential for business and investment interests on a region-wide and country-specific basis.
• Proven track record of success in managing multi-million dollar projects in the context of evolving political and economic environments.

Professional History:

2002- Present
• 2006--Present- Chairman of the Board and Partner in “Ratz De Nagylak”, an ecologically friendly 32 room hotel village under development in Transylvania. Project will include as well 50 vacation homes for sale. The necessary land has been procured, bank financing obtained, and design work is under way. Construction will start in June of 2008.
• 2007-Present- Partner in Cube Consulting, a Romanian consulting group specializing in energy, security and IT.  Clients include the largest software development house in Romania, as well as foreign companies such as MOWAG, a subsidiary of General Dynamic, and Schelde Naval Shipbuilding of the Netherlands.
• 2002-2007- Chairman of the Board of AMGAZ SA, a Romanian – US/Romanian public private partnership to develop underground natural gas storage facilities. Took the lead, in defining and structuring the project, obtaining US- TDA support, and selling concept to the government of Romania. After four years of successful operations, the private partners exited the company in the summer of 2007, jointly selling their shares to Gaz de France.
• 2005-2007- Executive Director, Regional Center for Central, East and Southeast Europe, Project on Ethnic Relations.  Supervised the Regional activities of the Center, including seminars, debates and roundtables on majority-minority relations between countries in the regional. Remains on the Center Board of Directors.

Ambassador to the Republic of Macedonia

The President’s personal representative in Macedonia defining policy and coordinating all aspects of US interests in this critical front line Balkan country.  Specific duties: 
• Define and initiate policy actions both in the field and in Washington to further US interests in Macedonia.
• Work one on one with the Macedonian President, Prime Minister and senior government officials to obtain their support for US and Western policies in the Balkans.
• Coordinate with senior US and NATO military and political leadership to ensure successful implementation of US policy in Macedonia, Kosovo and Yugoslavia.
• Conduct active public affairs outreach effort as senior US spokesperson, including television, print media and radio interviews.
• Oversee all US government elements in Macedonia in order to ensure best use of assets in support of US objectives.


Deputy Chief of Mission/Charge d’Affaire American Embassy Bucharest, Romania

Chief Operating Officer of the U.S. Mission in Romania managing a staff of 300, with an annual budget of over 50 million USD.  Work closely with U.S. Fortune 500 companies in support of their activities in Romania.  Assist and consult on defining business and investment development strategies, and support implementation of such strategies.  Coordinate the work of all U.S. agencies represented in Romania (DOD, USAID, Peace Corps, USIS, etc.).  Serve as senior manager of post operations overseeing the budget process, infrastructure support and manpower development.  In this regard, initiated and supervised a 15 million USD land development project for a new American School in Bucharest as well as a long-term housing plan for Embassy staff. 

Chief of European Personnel Division, Bureau of Personnel, Department of State, Washington D.C.

Responsible for defining personnel strategy and managing the staffing of the European Bureau in Washington and 94 Embassies, Consulates and Missions abroad totaling 1,300 positions.  Specifically coordinated the Department of State’s efforts to establish staffing patterns and recruited personnel for the new Embassies that emerged out of the former Soviet block.

Principal Officer (Consul General) American Consulate General, Zagreb, Croatia

In charge of U.S. interests in Croatia and Slovenia during the period of the breakup of Yugoslavia.  Directed a staff of 65 in accomplishing political liaison and reporting, economic analysis and commercial support, consular, administrative and security functions during a period of intense crisis.  Worked closely with the most senior levels of leadership in Croatia and Slovenia as well as in Washington to guide U.S. policy through this period while protecting U.S. citizens and assets during the hostilities.

 Section Chief/Energy Officer, U.S. Embassy Moscow, U.S.S.R.

Deputy Chief of Section/Energy Officer, U.S. Embassy Lagos, Nigeria

International Economist, Office of Fuels and Energy, Department of State

Staff Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of State, Bureau of Economic Affairs, Department of State

Liaison Officer, U.S. Sinai Field Mission

Economic/Commercial Officer, U.S. Embassy San Salvador, El Salvador

Economic/Commercial Officer, U.S. Embassy, Brasilia, Brazil

Knowledge of Romanian, Croatian, Macedonian, Russian and Spanish

Awards/ Affiliations and Education:

Three Department of State Superior Honor Awards
Two Department of State Meritorious Honor Awards
One Department of State Meritorious Step Increase

Member of the Board of the Ratsiu Democracy Foundation
Member of the board of the Project on Ethnic Relations Bucharest Regional Center

MBA International Business
George Washington University – 1972
Received “International Business Program” Award

BBA Economics (cum laude)
University of Miami – 1971
Received “Alpha Kappa Psi Scholarship” Award