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Victorian Properties Ltd

Victorian Properties Ltd.

Victorian Properties Ltd. is a prime real estate developer who has large experience in real estate and construction as well as leading property investments in the region of Republic of Bulgaria. The company so far has been specialized in second home destinations as Razlog and Bansko Bulgaria and has been successful land developer on those destinations. During the recent years and since its establishment the company has been establishing business relationship with investors from Ireland, Germany, United Kingdom and United States and is willing to expand and turn its activity in investment management solutions in the following areas:

Real estate and land

Prices of real estate in Bulgaria, right across the board (agricultural land, land with planning, residential, industrial and commercial developments) are at comparative and historic lows irrespective of whichever valuation model is chosen. This situation if anything has been greatly exacerbated by the recent banking crisis where the market has marked down asset prices indiscriminately across Europe. Also due to the banking crisis there exists opportunities probably for the next 12 months to obtain quality developments from distressed developers.


Due to a favorable climate and natural terrain Bulgaria enjoys long term excellent tourism potential. Areas of particular interest include ski and spa resorts in and around the capital, Sofia.


The Directors have identified the outsourcing of healthcare as offering steady long term growth particularly as the effects of an ageing population in Western Europe is now making its presence felt and is a major issue for all political parties.


There are excellent opportunities for infrastructure projects as Bulgaria makes its transition from an emerging economy to a full market economy.


The young and burgeoning energy sector offers several interesting opportunities, particularly in the renewables sector.

Renewable Energy

This is a huge growth industry fuelled by the world's largest energy companies needing to improve their corporate governance profile. Bulgaria is extremely well placed to meet this demand offering ideal and cheap locations for wind farms and waste-to-energy solutions in particular.


Victorian Properties Ltd. will be looking to invest in the giants of tomorrow and believe that with good local knowledge and contacts and comprehensive due diligence it will be possible to find excellent opportunities.

For contacts: Sofia 1111, 33 “Geo Milev” Street, floo3, apt. 6