Bulgarian American Business Center

Our mission

  1. Promote free market trade and exchange of information and technology between the United States and Bulgaria
  2. Foster the development of small and moderate sized businesses in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe by integrating them into the international markets
  3. Encourage the creation of Bulgarian-American commercial ventures, joint initiatives, and international partnerships
  4. Assist American companies intending to do business and interested in investment opportunities in Bulgaria, as well as other countries from the Central and Eastern European region
  5. Assist companies from Central and Eastern Europe in finding their place within the American market

The BABC works towards the fulfillment of this mission by offering companies in the United States the right contacts in the field of their interest and providing them with a wide variety of services essential to their success in a foreign market. It also offers a mechanism to bring promising entrepreneurs in Bulgaria and Central and Eastern Europe to the attention of potential partners in the United States.

The BABC has built a framework for strong, long-standing and mutually beneficial business relationships between the two countries. The real strength of the BABC lies in its services, which are constantly expanding to meet the needs of its growing membership.